What is TestApp

TestApp is an educational open-source project for writing class tests digitally on smartphones or computers. We offer easy-to-use class management, individual class tests and random practice tests. Students can register individually or a hole school/class can use TestApp.

Technical Goals

  • Statistics for both students and teachers
  • Motivating UI/UX
  • Cross-platform
  • Mobile apps, Desktop version and Web app
  • Secure and privacy friendly
  • 100% Open Source
  • Create scientific exercises using LaTex and RegEx
  • Create vocabulary questions with multiple correct answers
  • Support for multiple choice exercises
  • Random tests and class tests


Support development

You can support us by coding. Just ask to become member of GitLab TestApp group.

For running our servers and deploying mobile apps we need $200. Help us!

Feel free to donate: Buy me a coffee or BTC: 3NUiJXDCkyRTb9Tg7n63yK6Y7CexADtSEh


TestApp is licensed under the EUPL-1.2.

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